November 2020

💡 Mbdot thought of creating the ultimate multiplayer Medieval game after realizing that every siege was the same exact thing in Bannerlord.

Mbdot quit the full-time job of a BIM specialist.


Help us develop Coronation!

Coronation is our dream game to spend many hours of medieval fun inside, and we're very willing to spend our lifetime working on it. ​As of now, I have full-time job and I work on the game part-time. Impala still works on the game full-time. There are plenty of features to develop in order for Coronation to become the game we all want it to be, but each feature requires time, effort and money. If you think that Coronation has potential, you can join us as a patron! We'll definitely remember those who support us in paying the costs for the game, our bills and expenses. You can contribute at either Patreon, Paypal or Tebex. Also, you'll earn Credits to spend on Coronation's Skins to look better in-game!