Huge World Map  ✅ (✅ means done)

The future world of Coronation will be vast in size and have many different types of biomes across regions. Each region will contain their own plants, animals and metals.



Lease the Land

After founding a kingdom, aside from building walls and the main castle, you can rent out land for other players to build homes and businesses.


Specialized Businesses

Building a certain amount of equipment at a particular land will determine the kind of business that you're trying to set up, and will receive the appropriate boosts. Players and NPCs will be visiting them to fulfill their needs.


Royal Family Tree

Find your spouse in the world, raise children and plan for your future generations, to let your reign last as long as possible. Loyal friends can join your council to manage your kingdom with policies.


Character Customization 

You can customize your villager's and your appearances, hairstyles, and outfits.



People can be educated at universities to improve their skills, and qualify for better jobs. You can conduct research to unlock technologies such as Woodworking¸ Masonry¸ Archery¸ Animal Husbandry¸ Horsemanship¸ etc… 


More Skills and further design

Many more skills will be added in the future, and higher levels will unlock abilities to be able to do more things.


And more

Fantasy Races

At one point of time, fantasy races such as elves, undead, orcs, lizardmen, vampires, werewolves, dwarves will be added, each with their unique abilities and appearances.